Men’s skin is anatomically different, so why settle for something that doesn’t cater specifically to it?

Let’s be clear: there’s no shortage of options in the skincare industry nor lack of men who want to look and feel good. The real issue? Confusing marketing tactics and product offerings that aren’t speaking directly to their needs.

We’re here to change that through a simple, clinically-effective routine that caters to men’s unique skin needs. No endless amount of steps, no questioning of “is it really unisex?” and no uncertainty surrounding results. Just great products for men who want great skin every day.

Yes, it’s that simple.


    ELVY Lab products have been developed by scientists and tested by dermatologists. A meticulously designed regimen you can trust.


    We’ve eliminated the confusion + the endless steps. Our simple, yet effective regimen is easy to use with all the benefits.


    It’s simple- men have different skin and different needs. ELVY Lab Skincare is formulated with every guy in mind.

About the Founder

I founded ELVY Lab with a dual purpose that’s deeply rooted in personal experiences and professional observations. Growing up, I lost a family member and a close friend due to self-esteem issues stemming from bullying, which fueled my commitment to address the challenges faced by men during puberty. While women typically have outlets for advice on physical and emotional difficulties, males often feel reluctant to seek help due to judgment, causing insecurities that often lead to depression in adulthood. The societal pressure of beauty standards for men, not just women, correlates with a concerning suicide rate among American males.

Throughout my 15 years in the beauty industry, I’ve observed a significant oversight: the predominant focus on female-centric products and services has left a void for men. Motivated by a desire to bridge this gap and challenge societal norms, I set out to create a simplified, unintimidating skincare line that allows them to embrace self-care without stigma.

Through ELVY, I aspire to contribute to the normalization of self-care for all genders. To me, helping men feel comfortable and confident in their own skin is a vital step toward a more inclusive and balanced beauty industry. It's not just about skincare– it's a holistic approach to empowering individuals to look and feel their best, ultimately boosting self-assurance and well-being.

I’m so excited to share everything that we have been working so hard on for 2024. We are going to be launching more products including a collection that focuses on full body self-care from head to toe.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for all the newness!

Lekha Vyas